Ake urges Dutch negligence, Senegal has a chance to win

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Netherlands defender Nathan Ake said the group stage debut against Senegal (November 21) was not 100 per cent that the African champions were still in danger. Therefore, friends should not be careless if they hope to go far in the World Cup 2022.

‘Lion Teronga’ suffered bad news ahead of the tournament when Bayern Munich’s key striker Sadio Mane had to withdraw from injury. As a result, the front line is less dangerous. 

However, Ake the Manchester City center-back believes that Aliyu Cisse’s team still has tricks hidden in other positions, so the ‘orange windmill’ still has to step on the full accelerator. Do not play 2 salung. 

” It’s going to be a very difficult ufabet game. Senegal has a lot of quality players and is very strong, even without Mane , ” said Algemine Dabblad .

“ It hurts when we miss the World Cup because of injury. Not just with him . 

“ Because everyone wants to see the best players come to this tournament. So without Mane joining the squad is a disservice to the World Cup .

“ In the part of the Netherlands We will continue to do our homework in the most difficult cases, because when analyzing the overall picture, Senegal is still strong and hopes to be sent to the game on Monday .

“ As for the favorites for the championship, I give Argentina one of the nations that I am most worried about. Together with Brazil , Germany and France , but how hard is ‘ Oranje ‘ will try to challenge .

Asian handicap Holland vs. Senegal one goal -5, total score of two and a half -10