“Cosmetics”, How to keep it for long time

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Our face is not beautiful enough. Endurance of cosmetics and skin care, skin care must be strong as well. How to store it to help extend the life of the cosmetics for a longer time.

The weather is hot and swollen like ours right now. We can hardly stand. Each makeup from the house almost melted. Will our cosmetics melt? Ask your own mind. When talking about makeup, would it be good to let it withstand the hot sun? And how do I take care of it? Should I put it in the refrigerator?

Today we have some great tips and techniques. To present about the shelf life of cosmetics And facial care products Things that we don’t expect but should not be overlooked How will it be? Let’s go and see! สมัคร ufabet

Water and oil require special care.

Products containing water and oil If we keep it in a cool or too hot place. Will make it separate Resulting in a decrease in quality

Do not stay in the cold.

Cosmetics that are powdered Either loose powder or eyeshadow blush should not be stored in damp areas. Therefore not suitable for keeping in the refrigerator

Sun cream

Do not store the cream. Or make up cosmetics in areas with hot weather Or the sunlight, like a window on a cramped car, or

Would like to give a cream longevity. Must not use a finger

We should avoid using your fingers to take out the cream directly from the jar. Solution: We can use a clean spatula or spoon to scoop the cream instead. So that our facial creams last longer. And safe from germs

Electrical appliances Cosmetic harm

We should not place the cream on the back of electrical appliances such as on the back of the refrigerator. Or on the back of the TV Because the heat from the appliances will make our expensive facial creams last shorter.

Even if it’s in the refrigerator, it’s not safe.

Be careful when storing in the refrigerator. If soaking is combined with food, it is likely to be contaminated with germs. Especially products that touch the eyes